Client Experiences

I wish every classroom, in every school, was as lucky as my class has been this year. We have experienced Natalie teaching mindfulness and self awareness through yoga. What an incredible experience for both myself, and the children. After only a few weekly sessions the children displayed they were calmer, more engaged and connected with their bodies and their emotions. Each session I saw improvements, inclusion and participation of all. Natalie’s lessons connect and engage with all learners.

Natalie teaches breathing, relaxation, calmness, emotions, strength and flexibility in a way that young children can connect with and relate to. She uses visual props for breathing, animal names for yoga positions, picture books for responding to emotions, music and essential oils for calming, to name a few of her techniques.

We feel very lucky to have had Natalie work with us this year. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Sarah Whittaker 

One of the truly enjoyable parts of my former role as Head Coach NZ Breakers basketball team was to seek new ways to improve team performance.  Due to the high amount of international travel, we were challenged with having reduced recovery times between games.  We looked for innovative and alternative methods to enable quicker recovery in our athletes.

We decided to try Yoga and invited Natalie Stettler to lead a series of active recovery sessions for players – Post Game & Travel.

Yoga was new to many players but Natalie instantly put the players at ease with her composed demeanour and expert knowledge.  The outcomes I hoped to achieve by using Yoga were :

  • A challenging full body stretch with a major focus on back & hamstrings.
  • A stimulating new recovery experience to break up routine.
  • Decreased timeframe of recovery from post-game travel.

We not only achieved these outcomes but also came away with a great understanding of breathing techniques and meditation.

Natalie lead the group with detail but was also able to individualize the program to cater to participants’ ability or injury restriction.

Overall the use of Yoga for the NZ Breakers players was a positive experience and I would highly recommend Natalie as teacher to Elite athletes.

Dean Vickerman – Head Coach

Natalie Stettler has been running yoga sessions for our Senior Premier team for the past two seasons. We have found these sessions to be a crucial part of our schedule. Yoga has been a great teaching tool for our young players in developing their understanding of their bodies and listening to the areas that are in need of attention, care and strengthening.

For many of our players, they have an unbelievably busy schedule. We have a number of boys that represent Harbour, are in the NZ Breaker Academy programme and play in a New Zealand Junior National Team (in addition to their school team). Even if it just for an hour a week, Natalie’s Yoga session has provided these boys with much needed time to rest and reflect, both physically and mentally.

These sessions have been a part of a wider training programme in the build-up to Secondary School Nationals. I believe that these sessions played a crucial part in our team’s on court success, ultimately winning the National Championship in October 2017. Natalie’s continued involvement with our programme has been a great support to our boys as we look to retain our National Championship in the coming months.

Natalie has done an outstanding job of working with a young group of boys who naturally did not see the importance of yoga in the beginning. She has educated all of the boys on the importance of yoga, while improving their flexibility, strength and mindset.

Matt Lacey – Head Coach of Basketball

We were lucky enough to have a colleague recommend Natalie to us a few years ago.  And, we invited her to provide our team of four with in-house yoga sessions as part of corporate wellness. Everyone in the office looks forward to Natalie’s weekly session. Natalie is not only a great yoga teacher, she also embodies all the best aspects and principles of yoga culture.  Yoga is a great balancing activity, especially for busy work schedules.  Whether it be for balancing out our bodies’ aches and pains or our busy minds. Natalie is always great at creating the best session for us. We have no hesitation in recommending Natalie.  

Karen Morris – General Manager (New Zealand Dental Insurance Society)

Thanks so much Nat for coming into Epsom Girls, the students always take a lot out of each session. Nat is a knowledgeable and calming yoga instructor. She provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for her students and is attentive to everyone’s needs. We enjoy each time you come in for one of our classes.

Amanda McCool – Epsom Girls Grammar