With reverence to the teachers who have passed on the knowledge to the present day, we go inward to awaken and cleanse our body and our mind of the unhelpful habits we have acquired through our daily life and the self limiting delusions created by the spinning of our mind.

We seek peace and union with ourselves and with each other, by bringing awareness, consciousness, unity and ease to our relationships with ourselves and others.

This practice helps us connect with our deepest, most authentic self, creating clarity, connection, kindness and compassion that extends from the inside, out.

When our practice has ease and comfort, it transcends to other areas of our life and we begin to see things as they truly are.

We gain a more acute ability to cut through the confusion and turmoil of our mind and past our attachments.

In time we learn to surrender to the practice, so that we can experience clarity, peace, balance and harmony.

We hold in admiration and respect those who accompany us through our practice and we hold in respect and reverence the teachings and wisdom that guide us along the way.

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