Welcome to The Mat

Welcome to TheMat, a boutique yoga studio based on the sunny North Shore of Auckland. The Mat caters mainly to private clients, as well as offering corporate wellness and yoga for elite athletes and sports teams.

I have a passion for creating a nurturing, supportive and warm environment for students of all levels to have regular guidance and support while learning about breath, movement, relaxation and meditation. I feel proud of the concentrated attention I am able to give my students in the environment I have created.

I also teach Yoga in Schools, where I have the opportunity to take the teachings and practices of mindfulness, movement, meditation and stillness into a classroom environment. This work is incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun.

My teaching is based on the Ashtanga Method, and I have also been influenced by a regular yin and meditation practice. I look forward to meeting you here.

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Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga classes are available at The Mat. Classes range from Ashtanga Awakenings, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Therapy.


Check here for upcoming events, festivals, and other offerings – including SUP Yoga, Women’s Retreats & Overseas Getaways

Yoga in Schools

Taking teachings and practices of mindfulness, movement, meditation and stillness into a classroom environment.

Online Classes

Creating online content has been a rewarding experience, and I am continuing to evolve as a teacher here.

If you are using online guidance please remember to work within the parameters of your own body, and what is physically and mentally possible for you, on any given day. Traditionally yoga has always been taught face to face, so this way of teaching, while very popular also holds potential to be unsafe.

Please be mindful of your own experience, and please be in touch with any feedback or thoughts that arise.

Blog - The Turning Bull

The Turning Bull is a Blog about turning the story we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold, around – in our own mind, and in our own life.  By sharing these ideas I aim to spark conversations, reflections and provide a platform where we are able to make our stories and beliefs more useful, beneficial and constructive in our own lives.
It is my own blend of yoga philosophy, life experience, story telling and a sacred space to share. Enjoy!

The Journey Itself Is My Home