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Natalie holds a BSc in International Hospitality and worked as an event planner for a large ski resort in the Swiss Alps before extending herself into the science of mind-body connection. She has been a practitioner of yoga for twenty years, and has been studying and teaching the science and art of yoga for the past ten. She is passionate about holistic well-being and connection of body, mind and soul. She finds inspiration in nature and has learned to surrender to the natural rhythm of life as it unfolds. Her teaching holds elements of humour, devotion and nurture, woven on a thread of intuitive understanding of how the body can connect to the mind and spirit. She is a loving and devoted Mama to her two daughters, it is her most valuable and enriching vocation, and she loves that they keep her real and grounded. Her favourite ways to spend time are on adventures while seeking a view, exploring new ways of understanding and good conversations. The things she feels grateful for are her children, friends, family and her coffee machine.

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